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Spare Parts

  • Chain

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    Product characteristics: Mainly applied to transmit and pull for helical belt, and double-shaft paddle mixing machine. Read More

  • Chain Wheel

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    Chain Wheel

    Product characteristics: Applicable to chain driving of helical tape and double-shaft paddle mixing machine. Read More

  • Solenoid

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    Product characteristics: 1)Magnetic valve, electromagnetic controlled is automatic basic component to control fluid. It is a kind of executor not limited to hydraulic or pneumatic. 2)Expected control can be realized by cooperating with different circuits. In addition, The controlling accuracy... Read More

  • Coupling

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    Coupling characteristics: 1) Coupling is the spare part which connects two shafts in different equipment (driving shaft and driven shaft) to make them rotate at the same time and transmit torque. 2) Functions: Buffer, vibration reduction, and improve dynamic property of shaft. Read More

  • Main Shaft

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    Main Shaft

    Main shaft characteristics: Main shaft gets power from engine or motor and then transmits to other components. Mechanic main shaft means the rotation shaft drives workpieces or tools. Components of main shaft: belt pulley, main shaft, flange, cutter, cutter saddle, bearing cover, bearing with... Read More

  • Sieve Plate

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    Sieve Plate

    Sieve plate Characteristics: 1.Sieve Plate has strict series hole size, and classifies the pellets. The function conforms to industry, organization and standard. 2.Sieve Plate has important influence to grinder. The aperture and quality of screen have direct impact to screening efficiency as... Read More

  • Hammer Beater

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    Hammer Beater

    Product characteristics: 1.The hammer beater are the most important part as well as most easy wear part of hammer mill. The shape, size, arrangement and quality of hammers have great effect on smashing efficiency and product quality. 2.The hammer beater quality has three aspects: material,... Read More

  • Double Screw Heads of Extruder

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    Double Screw Heads of Extruder

    Description: The raw material enters the rolling mill to filter away impurities such as scrap iron, stone, etc, to ensure the safely of the roller of the calendar. During the process of rolling, the threshing of the screw rod promotes the uniform plasticization of the plastics, and heat... Read More

  • Puffing Cavity Of Extruder

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    Puffing Cavity Of Extruder

    Puffing cavity of extruder characteristics: Puffing cavity of extruder is normally assembly for easy changing and maintaining of spare parts. In order to increase friction shear force with materials, and keep less gap with screw, puffing cavity is cylindrical shaped. The internal wall can be... Read More

  • Knife Holder Of Extruder

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    Knife Holder Of Extruder

    knife holder of extruder Read More

  • Discharging Die Of Extruder

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    Discharging Die Of Extruder

    Discharging die of extruder Read More

  • Wear-proof Ring

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    Wear-proof Ring

    One way or both way guide ring used for hydraulic pressure piston rod or used for hydraulic and pneumatic piston rod. Read More

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