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Spare Parts

  • Main Shaft With Hold Plate

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    Main Shaft With Hold Plate

    Product characteristics: High strength alloy steel of good performance shall be applied to main shaft which has good bending resistance and torsional performance. Mounting holes on the roller shell shaft between main shaft and pressing plate are processed by NC drilling machine, to make sure the... Read More

  • Die Cover

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    Die Cover

    Product characteristics: 1.Manufactured by bearing steel 2.Higher hardness, wearing resistance and long working life 3.Different depths and types of tooth space can be chosen Read More

  • Roller Shell Shaft

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    Roller Shell Shaft

    Working principle: Roller shell shaft, made of alloy steel of high quality is a spare part for roller shell to fix on through two bearings. Oil adding holes are on both ends of roller shell shaft, so that oil can be added through the other hole, when a hole is blocked. Roller shell shaft is... Read More

  • Gearbox

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    gearbox Read More

  • Serpentine Spring Coupling

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    Serpentine Spring Coupling

    Product characteristics: Falk flexible coupling, the most advanced and normal transmission part connected by shaft, is a kind of advanced metal. Torque is transmitted by serpentine spring pieces. Advantages: 1.Good cushioning and long working life 2.Large range of fluctuating load with safe... Read More

  • Cutter Assembly

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    Cutter Assembly

    Product characteristics: Scraper assembly, equipped with hard alloy cutting blades, ensuring longer working life and cut quality of pellets. Read More

  • Quill Shaft

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    Quill Shaft

    Product characteristics High strength and high quality alloy steel is applied to achieve high coaxial accuracy, which ensures the stability during operation Read More

  • Gear

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    Product characteristics: Large gear is the mechanical component, on the edge of which the teeth can mesh with each other to transmit motion and power. It is much important for gears to operate stably. As a result, large gear is normally made of alloy steel of high strength and quality. Imported... Read More

  • Gear Shaft

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    Gear Shaft

    Product characteristics: Fixed gear shaft: The first shaft is to receive and transmit engine power, namely input shaft. Middle shaft is to transit the power on first shaft and then transmit to the second shaft. The second shaft is to transmit the power to differential mechanism to drive axle,... Read More

  • Stainless Steel Paddle

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    Stainless Steel Paddle

    Product introduction: Paddles are mainly applied to high-speed mixer, high-speed mixing plant, horizontal mixing plant etc. Stainless steel is applied for inblock cast along with dynamic and static balance tests. Special polishing treatment shall be taken on the surface. Product characteristics:... Read More

  • Air Cylinder

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    Air Cylinder

    Function: Convert compressed air power to mechanical power so as to make machine linear reciprocate, swing and rotate. Working Principles: Determine thrust and pulling force on piston rod according to working force. Then the output force of the chosen air cylinder shall be remained. Small... Read More

  • Mixer Ribbon

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    Mixer Ribbon

    Product Characteristics: Ribbon is driven and twined in the mixer and mix the material rapidly, which ensures good mixing performance and extreme low fault rate. Read More

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