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Wood Pellet Machine Promote New Energy Fuel

Jul 14, 2017

Wood chips, sawdust is forestry and wood processing enterprises of the remaining material is burned directly in the past to solve, and now with the continuous improvement of environmental and resource utilization degree of importance, sawdust, wood chips and other agricultural and forestry wastes through the use of improved fuel particles machine value, it turned into a new energy saving energy fuel.

It is understood that China's annual crops can be produced from the 300 million tons of fuel; that can be generated from the hardwood forest harvesting and processing of timber produced annually from waste wood, sawdust and other raw materials to produce 900 million tons of wood fuel, as an alternative potential energy resources are 1.2 billion tons per year.Fuel particle machine produced wood pellet fuel to replace fossil fuels, which can be "greenhouse gas emissions" make a substantial contribution, but also can significantly reduce energy consumption, compared to fossil fuels, can save an average of more than 50% of the energy.

The last 100 years, the concentration of carbon dioxide on Earth increased by 27%, as a result, the temperature of the Earth's mid-latitudes increased by about 0.5 ℃, 2040 will rise 2 ℃. According to the provisions of the Kyoto Protocol, as of 2012, 36 of carbon dioxide emissions in developed countries should be reduced by 5.2% in 1990 based on. China, as one of the largest national carbon dioxide emissions, carbon dioxide emissions, is also in the year 2009 as a benchmark, the new and renewable energy development forward.

According to reports, the production of shaped visible fuel pellet fuel sawdust, straw, wood chips and other crushed, dried, made after press molding and cooling treatment for boiler fuel, gas oil and other fossil fuels can replace environmentally friendly commercial fuel products . And compared to fossil fuels, biomass pellet fuel is a remarkable economic performance of new and renewable energy, has been widely popular in North America, Europe and other developed countries can be said to be a future-oriented alternative energy sources.

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