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We Can Customize Ring Die And Roller According To Client's Design Drawings

Oct 20, 2017

Our company can provide client with tailor-made pellet mill ringg die, roller shell for different pellet mill with different steel grade, also can used for different industries, we can also customize according to client's design drawings.

FDSP can provide you with the following types of accessories:

◆All types of feed granulator, ring mold, roller and other accessories

◆All kinds of biomass fuel granulator dedicated ring die, roller and other accessories

◆All kinds of bio-organic fertilizer granulator special ring die, rollers and other accessories


Main Features of FDSP ring die

1,Hole smooth,long working life and high output

2,Competitive price

3,Quick delivery

4,About 20 years of production experience

5,Quality control:ISO9001:2000

6,Hole Diameter:Feed size 2-12mm; wood pellet size 6-12mm or other sizes customized

7,Wear resistance,corrosion resistance,heat resistance,fatigue resistance,impact resistance.