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The Safe Of Grain Silo

Jul 12, 2017

With more and more perfect application technology, grain steel silo has become main storage type of grain and oil. But in recent years, the dust explosion accidents of grain steel silo are on the rise in grain and oil processing plants. It is reported that the phenomenon is very serious even in some developed countries. The dust explosion not only pollutes the environment, but also may cause serious casualties and significant economic losses. Therefore, for us, it is necessary to take safe and effective prevention measures to keep from it. We should pay enough attention to it. Starting from the design, we should consider various factors and adopt comprehensive prevention and control measures in order to achieve effective control of dust.

Strengthening management, improving safety consciousness and enhancing responsibility sense

We should strengthen the knowledge training of dust explosion and silo safety for workers and actively do periodical safety drills, establish strict working rules and strictly operate in accordance with operation procedures. In addition, actively improve the sanitary environment and sanitary cleanup to maintain good ventilation conditions inside the silo.

We should do well in comprehensive inspection work for the safety. We must carefully analyze various risky factors of dust explosion. The related safety checks shall be comprehensive and targeted to find the problems in a timely manner, leaving no hidden dangers

We should equip the related safety facilities. The operators shall be familiar with performance and operating conditions and skills of the equipments and instruments, and do well in the maintenance. The electric welding and cutting works shall be prohibited under no normal conditions unless we can take more security precautions. After the operation, we should do a thorough examination and eliminate all the risks to ensure the safety of grain silos.

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