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The Development Of Biomass Energy To Be Multipronged

Sep 18, 2017

Our biomass energy industry will become a strategic priority to the development of new industries, it is essential to judge me and my team after making a lot of research work made. Our judgment based on the following reasons: First, raw biomass mainly from agricultural residues and wastes, and agricultural residues and waste disposal have rigid requirements; secondly, our dependence on foreign oil has reached 58.1 last year %, most liquid fuel shortages, biomass is a renewable energy source that can effectively reduce the energy gap; and third, the development of biomass not only can increase farmers 'employment, but also increase farmers' income, and even provide a pillar for rural the long-term industry; fourth, biomass and wind energy, solar energy and various biomass can be transferred in its original state. However, under the huge potential for development, the development of biomass energy is still a series of problems to be solved.

biomass energy line

Our company (FDSP)is established on the basis of “Renewable energy mechanical engineering institute co-found by ZheJiang university and Liangyou company” and “Renewable energy mechanical engineering technology center co-found by ZheJiang university and Liangyou company” and it is specialized in manufacturing of biomass pellet machinery and biomass fertilizer machinery as well as design, manufacturing, installation, sales and service of turnkey project solution.