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Stainless Beer Steel Silo With Long Service Time

Mar 02, 2018

Brewer grain silos in fact play a subordinate yet significant role in the production beer: they are given the function of holding the depleted malt residues (“brewer grains”).

The production processes of the drinks industry are constantly placing new demands on the construction of containers and it is precisely in the understanding of brewer grain silos that the highest level of flexibility is needed in order to do justice to the specific flows and needs of the breweries.FDSP designs customized, independent brewer grain silos: equipment, which is sold either as a supporting structure or with frame stands.

Generally speaking a brewer grain silo is an upright, closed container. The silo has vertical ladder, a round railing and a ventilation grille. The cross section is sometimes round and sometimes square. Installation with a ball trap is an option if ball type pipe cleaning equipment is being used. The ball is removed outside of the silo.

stainless steel silo