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Jiangsu Liyang City Vice Mayor Liu, A Line To Visit Jiangsu Liangyou

Dec 18, 2015

Recently, jiangsu liyang city vice mayor liu, director of liyang city technology bureau hui-qi lu, jiangsu zhongguancun technology bureau director wei wish, YuXuHu section chief and so on a line in the school of management, zhejiang university professor ming-liang Chen, professor jin tao mechanism research institute, zhejiang university, jiangsu Liangyou machinery co., LTD., general manager of Chen Zhiliang accompanied visited our company research and development center, product exhibition hall, and held a business discussion in the meeting room on the third floor. Period, the company general manager leadership to extend our warm welcome to visit and introduced the company's products business, the development course and the direction of the development of the company, the company chief engineer Wu Xiang introduced our company's product innovation, technology innovation and management innovation. Established cooperation with zhejiang university of agriculture and animal husbandry and renewable energy mechanical

The establishment of cooperation with zhejiang university research institute, we have successfully for 2 invention patents, 8 patents of utility model and six changzhou high-tech products, private science and technology enterprises in jiangsu province, jiangsu Liangyou has grown as the industry's most competitive enterprise technology innovation, products reach the advanced level of the leading domestic, international, showed a good development prospect. The leaders respectively for the development of jiangsu Liangyou sure, at the same time, had higher expectations.