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Illustration Of FDSP's SNSZ Series Counter Flow Cooling Sifter

Dec 01, 2017

Use and Applicable Scope

Cooler is mainly used for cooling of pellet feed in the feed pelleting section. It cools the pellet feed coming from pellet mill and with a temperature of 70℃~90℃ to a temperature 3℃~5℃ slightly higher than ambient temperature, and is capable of lowering a certain of moisture content (≥3%) to a safety moisture content. The pellets after cooling directly go through the vibrating screen and sieving the powder and small granular which is not meet the requirements. Counter flow cooler sifter is used for small feed mill plant, with compact structure and small grounding.  

cooing machine.jpg

Performance Features

Counter flow cooler is a new type and international popular cooler machine. The counter flow cooler machine cools the raw materials with high temperature and high humidity by using the principle of counterflow cooling. It means that by using natural cold air pass through the bed of materials, the cold air first contact the cold materials because the airflow direction is the reverse of the material flow direction. The gradually warming up cold water contacts the hot materials that makes the granular materials gradually cool consequently. This avoid that cool air directly meets hot pellets to make pellets cool rapidly with a result of crack of pellet surface. In addition, airlock is used for feeding and air-in area is large, so the cooling effect is remarkable. Moreover, this machine is low in energy consumption and convenient in operation. That’s why the swing cooler machine is better than the other vertical cooler and horizontal type cooler. Vibrating screener hanged on the support vibrates through the vibrating motor. That makes raw materials on the screen moving and conveying and sieving automatically. Lastly the raw materials are divided into different products and discharge from different outlet.