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FDSP Certified To Be A National High And New Tech Enterprise

Dec 18, 2015

Recently, Jiangsu Liangyou Agro. Machinery Co., Ltd. is certified to be a national high and new tech enterprise by Science and Technology Department in Jiangsu Province , Finance Department in Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Provincial Office SAT, Jiangsu Local Taxation Bureau, and officially becomes a national high and new tech enterprise.This not only marks Jiangsu Liangyou Agro. Machinery Co., Ltd. reaches a new level in high and new tech fields, but also means that capability on technology innovation and high level technology development in FDSP has been generally recognized by our industry.

The picture is high and new tech enterprise certificate and medal

(Certificate No. GR201432002765)

FDSP as a feed machinery manufacturer with a strong growth potential, now has many utility model patents and invention patents. The high and new tech qualification is a recognition on technology innovation, research and development capability, sustained and stable improvement in FDSP. This is the best inspiration to Technicians,which will further push and promote self dependent innovation in FDSP.After becoming the high and new tech enterprise, FDSP could enjoy 10% reduction on enterprise income tax (25% levied in general company) , favorable policy on senior talents introduction and application for government special fund in accordance with relevant regulations in China, and it plays an important role on promoting enterprise social influence.This important certification no doubt is a praise and award on scientific research strength and technology level, which reflects the strong capability on product development and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and urges employees continue to do persistent efforts to make greater improvements, so as to achieve higher, faster and further development relying on the high and new tech.