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Endless Power, Struggle With New Hope——Delivery Of Indonesia 10tph Sawdust Pellet Plant And Uzbekistan 3tph Fish Feed Plant

Dec 30, 2018

In the end of this year, we still struggled with new hope and endless power.

In the last month of 2018, FDSP is still very busy. Unity is strength, we finished the delivery of Indonesia 10tph sawdust pellet plant and Uzbekistan 3tph fish feed plant with high quality and high efficiency. 

During 11th December to 14th December of 2018, we take 4 days to complete the delivery of Indonesia 10tph sawdust pellet plant first. There is in total 30conatiners(27 of 40ft high container, 2 of 40ft frame container, 1 of 20ft frame container) for main machine like 12sets of MZLH420 biomass pellet mill, 1 set MFSP68×120 hammer mill with 200kw, one set LYGX216 drum chipper with 61kw, one set LYGH three-layer drum dryer, at the same time, a 5000T flat steel silo is also equipped.

In this 10tph sawdust pellet production line, customer take log, leftover material from furniture factory, sawdust and other wasted wood material as raw material, make them to biomass pellet fuel through chipping, grinding, drying, screening, mixing, pelleting, cooling, storage, packing process. Our company customized the process to solve the problem of numerous varieties of raw material, complicated processing for customer. The final pellets could be in bulk, stored or also packing in bags for sale, maximizing the benefits for customer.


On 27th December, our staff work overtime to finished the delivery of Uzbekistan 3tph fish feed plant in time. There is 6conatiners in total including hammer mill, batching scale, mixer, fish feed double jacket conditioner pellet mill, cooer and packing scale. Uzbekistan customer inspect FDSP on 14th July and signed the contract on the same time to show their satisfaction and trust on FDSP's quality, technology and after sale service.  


The establish of this two project will open the international market of Indonesia and Uzbekistan and built the world brand more quickly for FDSP. It will also promote the sustainable development for feed machinery and engineering, biomass machinery and engineering two industries.

in the following new year, FDSP will still follow our tradition of honesty management, win by quality, develop with cooperation and win-win, focus on 4 industries and develop together, motivate the activity of team, show our act and responsibility.