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Compound Fertilizer Production Line

Jul 10, 2017

Compound fertilizer production line is equipped with high-quality, and high-efficiency fertilizer machines with models according to production capacity. 

The compound fertilizer granulation production line is with lower investment, and better economic returns. The Complete equipment are distributed compactly, reasonably, and scientific. All machines, such as fertilizer mixer, fertilizer granulator, fertilizer coating machine etc. run smoothly, with features of more energy-saving, lower maintenance cost, and easier operation.

Advantage of High-output Compound Fertilizer Production Line

compound fertilizer line

1.Wide raw materials range. Our compound fertilizer production line applies to granulation of various kinds of raw materials, such as fertilizer, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and feed etc. 
2. High compound fertilizer yield. This production line can produce different concentrations of compound fertilizer according to the ratio of raw materials. 
3. Low-cost. You know all fertilizer machines are manufactured by our own. There is no middleman, no distributors, which exactly means we are directly seller. We manufacture, and we do foreign-trade, maximizing the benefits of our customers with low investment. Besides, it is possible for our clients to contact with us in time if there is some technical problems or assembling doubts.
4. Well physical character. Compound fertilizer produced by our production line is with small moisture absorption, and easy-storage, especially convenient for mechanized application.
5. The whole set of fertilizer production line accumulates years of technical experience and productivity. It is a high-efficiency and low-power fertilizer production line innovated, reformed, and designed times, which has successfully resolved problems of low efficiency and high costs at home and abroad.