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Completion Acceptance Of Large Feed Production Line In Jiangsu Bufeng

Dec 18, 2015

On May 15, 2015, a team consisted of three experts from Jiangsu Province Agricultural Commission, on behalf of Jiangsu Agricultural Bureau attended the acceptance meeting in Jiangsu Bufeng Feed Technology Co., Ltd. The team visited the production base, and inspected hardwares one by one, including chemical laboratory, quality inspection device, production factory, feed process equipment and silo facilities etc. They acquired the established management systems on quality control, production process, job responsibility, safety & health, product traceability etc. The team agreed all the facilities in the company meet the required criteria, and approved the issuance of the review registration certificate after inspection. It means Jiangsu Bufeng Feed Technology Co., Ltd. officially has production conditions.

Jiangsu Bufeng Feed Technology Co., Ltd. as a leader of domestic aquatic feed, particularly special aquatic feed, is engaged in R&D, sale and service of livestock and poultry feed, aquatic feed, protein feed, feed additives. The company, situating in Rudong Chahe Industrial Park, with a total investment over 50 million yuan, covering more than 40 acres, the annual production capacity of more than 300,000 tons, is one of the feed manufacturers with the largest investment, the highest annual production capacity, most advanced production equipment and production technology, and it becomes a relatively large scaled feed production enterprises in Rudong. Completion and acceptance of the company gave a great push to the scale-up and optimization of feed industry in Rudong and surrounding areas.

After completion acceptance by experts from Jiangsu Province Agricultural Commission, chairmen and responsible people in charge from Jiangsu Bufeng feed Technology Co., Ltd. and from Jiangsu Liangyou Agro. Machinery Co. Ltd. immediately organized the acceptance of installation, commissioning and trial running of 45,000T/Y special aquatic feed production line (crab& shrimp feed 30000T/Y+extruded aquatic feed 15000T/Y), 100,000 T/Y common aquatic feed production line, 180,000 T/Y livestock and poultry feed production line. With joint efforts and cooperation by both parties, all equipment are started installation earlier on Nov. 18, 2014, finished installation on Mar. 8, 2015, start to linkage trial running on Mar. 18, 2015, and conducted commissioning running test on Apr. 1, and all completion acceptance finally finished and passed on May 18, 2015.Leaders in Bufeng Company had a full recognition to our hard working spirit, and affirmed on the equipment quality, process advantage, energy consumption, stability and automation degree etc, and highly appreciated completion of this project as scheduled with good quality, meanwhile, also they put forward higher requirements on further development and promotion of Liangyou Compangy.

Liangyou will take this as an opportunity, to face new challenges from domestic and abroad with a brand new look, and to make great differences in great harmony society. Let products made by Liangyou known worldwide, and let Jiangsu Liangyou become global Liangyou.