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China Peofessional Wood Pellet Production Line Manafacturer

Dec 06, 2017

FDSP specializes in consulting, design, planning, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and subsequent upgrading one-stop full service of biomass pellet fuel forming equipment and its complete production line. Based on digesting mature biomass curing technology introduced from abroad, independent research and development innovation, in the domestic firstly developed in a variety of crops as the main raw material of biomass particles forming complete sets of equipment. At the same time, a variety of forestry waste can be cured into a granular fuel.

wood pellet production line

Our wood pellet production line is a whole system automatic production line which suitable for raw materials like: wood logs, wood branch, wood chips, rice husk, rice straw, forest wood waste, wood waste and other biomass waste with different capacity.

Application of wood pellet production line

Today, the biomass energy as a good kind of green, low carbon, environmental-friendly fuel has been used to replace traditional fossil fuels like coal, gas, petrol, etc. 

1. Burning in a stove to cook at home

2. Heat the house, school, hotel, or greenhouse, farm

3. Used in thermal power plants to replace coal

4. Used as cat litter to replace clay

5. Used as horse bedding, or beddings for cow, chicken, dogs, and other animals