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The Complex Organic Chicken Manure Fertilizer Production supplier inFDSP

Organic fertilizer is use chickens, pigs, cattle, sheep, other livestock and poultry manure, also crop straw as raw materials, adopt bio-fermentation technology, scientific processing (fermentation, drying, crushing, mixing, granulating, cooling, etc.) to produce high quality and stable long green fertilizer efficiency and environmental protection and efficient organic fertilizer.

Due to short construction period, fast return on investment, high profits, low investment risk, organic fertilizer production project has broad market prospects.

Advantage Of FDSP Chicken manure production line & equipment

1. FDSP has professional technical team, can customize the whole production line based on customer specific needs and raw materials, including drying, fermentation, turner, crushing, mixing, granulating, cooling, screening, packaging, etc.l

2. FDSP specializing in the production of fertilizer equipments for 13 years with CE certification, equipment with domestic first-class level quality.

3. FDSP has rich project design and construction experience and good after-sale service system.

4. FDSP can customize different solutions to produce different forms organic fertilizer, including powder, columnar particles, spherical particles.

Machines Being Equipped in Every Production System:
The fermentation system  consists of the feedstock conveyor, biology deodorization machine, mixing agitation, the proprietary lift composting heap turner and the electric automatic control system; 
The main equipment of the drying system is belt conveyor, rotary dryer, cooling machine, induced draft fan, hot-blast fan, etc; removing dust and deodorization system is compos of settling chamber and dust chamber, the producer of the fertilizer facilities are provided the free blueprint and give the user free guidance in assembling; 
Pulverizing system contains the new type semi-wet material crusher, LP series chain crusher or cage crusher, belt conveyor and so on; 
Batching system includes the electronic batching system, disc feeding machine, shaking screen equipment, they can allocate 6-8 kinds of raw materials; 
Hybrids system consists of the optional horizontal mixer, disc agitator, shaking screen, mobile belt conveyor; 
Granulation system are needed the pelletizer equipment, the selection of the pelletizer equipment contains compound fertilizer roller extrusion granulator, disc granulator, flat die excursion granulator, biology organic fertilizer ball granulator, special organic fertilizer granulator, rotary drum granulator, cast round machine, special compound fertilizer granulator etc;

Screening system are mainly finished by the cylinder round sifter, it can install the primary screening machine, secondary screening machine, to improve the rate of finished product and make the particles better;