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Organic Fertilizer Production Line

What's Organic Fertilizer?
The main "organic fertilizers" are, in ranked order, peat, animal wastes, plant wastes from agriculture, and sewage sludge. In terms of volume, peat is the most widely used organic fertilizer. This immature form of coal confers no nutritional value to the plants, but improves the soil by aeration and absorbing water. Animal sources include the products of the slaughter of animals. Bloodmeal, bone meal, hides, hoofs, and horns are typical components.Organic fertilizer usually contain less nutrients, but offer other advantages as well as appealing to environmentally friendly users.

Feature of Organic Fertilizer Production Line
The product which producing by organic fertilizer production line is fresh chicken manure as raw material, without any chemical composition.
The chickens, and pigs’ digestion is poor, it can only consume 25% of the nutrients. The additional 75% nutrients of the manure excreted,so that the finished dry manure contains nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, organic matter, amino acids, proteins and other ingredients. So manure dryer not only for enterprises to create economic benefits, but also for humanity made great contributions to environmental projects.

Main equipment:
This product line includes extrusion granulator,roll granulator,trommel screen, humidity material dryer,BB fertilizer blending machine,roll compound fertilizer granulating machine, fermentation turning machines, BB fertilizer blending equipment, extrusion granulator, LP series chain crusher, multifunctional organic fertilizer (bio) spherical particles, drum screening machine, cage mill, roll extrusion granulator.

Organic fertilizer production line equipment include:
1.Crushing Machine

According to Press Work forms: vertical mill, horizontal mill
According to the principle: drip grinder, high humidity grinder, semi-wet grinder
By Application: urea grinder
2.Blender Machine:
According to work Morphology: pan type mixer, horizontal mixer
According to the principle: biaxial mixer, forced biaxial mixer
3. Screening machine
According to Work Morphology: Drum screening machines, vibrating screening machines
According to the principle: solid-liquid separator
According to work morphology: Gladiator elevator, belt conveyor (large angle belt conveyors, moving conveyor belt)
According to the principle: Screw conveyor
5.Granulator/Fertilizer Pellet Making Machine:
According to work morphology: disc granulator, drum granulator
According to the principle: extrusion granulator, thrown round granulator, wet granulation machine
By Application: bio-organic fertilizer granulation machine
According to work morphology: tumble dryer, three return dryer
According to the principle: three return dryer
By Application: Pig dryer, manure dryer, dryer cow dung, sheep dryer
spraying system of urine collection, automatic batching system, rotary coating machine, rotary coolers, quantitative packaging, moving windrow turner