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Organic Fertilizer Plant

Process Of Organic Fertilizer Production Line :

Raw materials(animal manure, straw, mud, peat)–> Fermentation–>Grinding–>Mixing the ingredients –>Granulating–>Drying –>Cooling and Screening–>Coating–>Packaged product storage

LoChamp Organic Fertilizer Plant

Now with the development of society and the improvement of people’s living standard, demand for Pollution-Free Agricultural Products, Green food and organic food products is growing; In order to obtain a large number of High-Quality, High-Quality Agricultural products, more and more agricultural and vegetable grower base began large-scale application of organic fertilizer, so the Organic Fertilizer Machine demand more and more…

Main Categories

Raw Materials:Agricultural waste (straw, soybean meal, cottonseed meal, etc.), manure (chicken manure, cattle manure, rabbit manure, etc.), industrial waste, domestic waste, river silt, sewage and sludge and so on.

Be divided into powder, cylindrical and spherical organic fertilizer:


Powder Organic Fertilizer

Generally the capacity is 1-5 tons per hour, production process is similar to powder feed ;

Cylindrical Organic Fertilizer

generally applicable ornamental fruits, flowers, hills, etc are not suitable for machine of sowing environment;

spherical organic fertilizer

most of the users on the market, the main production range 1T-100T per hour, there is great market demand…