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FDSP High Quality Oil Industry Silo For Sale

The oil industry silo selection

Usually daily processing capacity of 2000 tons or larger oil companies often need to build a total storage capacity of 5 to 80,000 tons silo, according to the domestic industry practice, usually select five to eight 10,000 tons silo warehouse group, so the aim is mainly to save space, fully automated grain cast out of food, saves manpower;

Oil industry silo selection, generally used in fabricated steel silo, mainly because the material particles generally larger, from slide is good, less prone to the phenomenon of hanging positions;


The oil industry, process analysis

As a food-grade oil industry sector, the pretreatment process prior to extremely strict requirements in order to purify, for example, it is almost a direct impact on the quality of products, and our FDSP warehousing company serving the nation's most advanced and most complete steel silo equipment , to supply all the oil industry used to clean a variety of impurity removal device, it can be said that all equipment, silos, automated control pretreatment before you need, we have here, and our high standards of production and processing technology, let you buy the best product to your satisfaction;



● plant oil storage

● raw materials storage

● fat oil storage

● olive oil storage

● soya oil storage

● tallow storage

● palm oil storage

● lubricants storage

● glycols storage

● fuel oils storage

● grease storage

FDSP warehousing company advantage in the oil industry


 Our company and the major oil processing enterprises have  cooperated with the construction projects, the praise of  customers, our company produces steel silo, small to 3 tons, to  30,000 tons large, whether you belong to a large oil processing  enterprises, or success belongs to just the pace of small and  medium oil processing enterprises, what you need, we are here;


 In addition, the company uphold the principle of the supremacy  of customers, what customers think, worry about customer needs,  we have broken a number of technical difficulties;


Silo Options:

lipp steel silo is the best choice

Parts Silo Sizes


We can also Provide other large sizes according to client ’s requirements

Details of FDSP steel silo

We believe that:" Details is the key to success", so every details being taken seriously during our

production processes, providing high quality products to our customers is our principle all the time.

Helix steel silo:

bolted steel silo

Sketch map of crimping and seaming: