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Green Bio Organic Fertilizer Production Line Plant For Household Waste

Detailed Product Description
Product Name:Fertilizer Pellet MachineApplication:Organic Fertilizer, Compound Fertilizer, Bio-organic Fertilizer...
Color:GreenType:Horizontal Centrifugal Granulator


Organic fertilizer plant make ball or pellets fertilizer, the raw material is different from animal manure, humic acids, animal organic waste, and mix straw, agriculture stalk, ext, or little chemical material, and other additives etc. the finished fertilize granule diameter is 2-8mm diameter, it can be adjust to meet your requirement.

Process of the organic fertilizer making: 

 1, First process: raw material fermentation. 

our main machine used for material fermentation is  Upender.Feeding materials and outlet materials way are both very flexible from the front of fermentation tank ,The leavening such as manure can stay inside for long time,and compost can be used as moisture adjusting materials.Due to high temperature ferment (chicken manure around 80°C centigrade,pig manure around 75°C,cattle manure around 70°C) and long time remaining,it can produce high quality compost fertilizer without the second ferment. It is greatly helpful for renewing the earth. 

 2, Second process: material batching and mixing:

after fermentation, if any other material or additives need to add, we match the batcher and mixer equipments for making good and different kind organic fertilizer for different agriculture. 

 3, Third Process: 

crusher material we use the horizontal chain hammer mill- Specifically Designed-For crushing oversize compound and inorganic materials efficiently and at high rates of production.. Non-Clogging Design - Ample clearance throughout the flow of material, prevents build-up and  production down time.Easy Access-Quarter section of housing can be removed by taking out bolts which provides good accessibility.Simplified Maintenance -All component parts can be easily removed and replaced. 

 4, Forth process: 

granulating Ball shaper adopts press pelletizer, polishing and shaping new technology which completely changes processes such as large investment, complex technology etc. it can change pellet size by changing die diameter, change the die for different pellets sizes. Pellets are uniform, smooth, round, high-strength and good flow ability, pellet-forming rate is above 95%. The machine combined three in one make the low temperature drying, cooling, screening finished together. The whole process is of low investment and low operation cost. Microorganisms survival rate>90%.It is widely used in animal breeding, brewing, sugar producing, paper making, medicine, cigarette factory etc organic waste pelletizing. It can produce round pure organic fertilizer, inorganic fertilizer, bio-organic fertilizer. It is the most ideal equipment for (Biological) organic fertilizer factory. 

 5, Fifth process: drying and cooling finished granules dry and cool the granules for packing. Rotary Dryer adopts low-speed rotarying, curved plate hammering, dispersing raw materials to make the high temperature air flow current mixed with raw materials to achieve the drying effect.This machine adopts counter flow cooling theory,making pellets cooling enough and evenly. The special discharging of slide value type structure make the machine operate smoothly and unload fluently.After cooling ,the pellets temperature is not higher than +3-5°C of room temperature. 

 6, Sixth process: 

packing fertilizer Adaptive software, with control parameters automatically setting, automatic fall correction, ultra poor  alarm, fault diagnosis, and other functions. packing bags for 3-50kg/bag.


The raw material of organic fertilizer: 

  1. Agricultural waste: straw, rice bran, etc. 

  2. Animal waste: chicken manure, pig, cattle and sheep manure, etc.

  3. Industrial waste: vinasse, sugar residue, etc.

  4. Household waste: kitchen waste, vegetable market and slaughterhouse waste, etc.

  5. Municipal sludge: river silt, sewage sludge, etc.

Competitive Advantage: 

 Our Efficient centrifugal pellet mill get China unique national patent Over 17 years experience focus on biomass energy equipment research More than 30 invention patents Exported to more than 100countries Service tens of thousands of enterprises