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Grain Steel Silo Feed Steel Silo Engineering

Jiangsu Liangyou International Mechanical Engineering Co., Ltd , as the core enterprise directly of FDSP group, is one of the earliest companies of steel silos manufacture. In the past over 20 years, we have been engaged in the research, development, sales and services of storage technique. With the latest storage engineering technology of screw silos, fitting silos, arch silos, and house-like silos, we have now developed into one of the largest manufacture of storage facilities. 


Our company has enormous potentiality and can provide users with turn-key engineering including technical processing(including elevator, delivery, magnetic separation, dedusting, ventilate, thermometry, stoving, fumigating etc), design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and training of silo engineering, civil construction and electrical control, etc. 

We have successfully built silos with super large, small diameter and super height, non-standard silos and British-standard silos. 

With professional product quality, perfect supporting systems, integrated services, it provides customers with solutions to comprehensive engineering problems. Our company wholeheartedly provides users with fine products and fine services We will make great efforts to promote the common prosperity of users and make new and greater contributions to international silo storage business.

Application industry of steel silo engineering 
Food processing, Flour, Feed, Oil, Brewing, Starch, Alcohol, Citric acid, Malt, Chemical industry,Port industry, Cement industry, Other industry.


Main Process of Steel Silo Engineering

  • Raw Material Receiving Section: Feeding by truck discharge, manual dumping, or railway etc.


  • The Cleaning System: drum cleaner machine or vibrating cleaner machine, for removing impurites from the grains, like stone, straw, etc. 

  • The Drying System: decrease the extra moisture of grain.

  • The Storage System (Ventilation System, Level System, Temperature Monitoring System)

----- Flat Bottom Steel Silo

Generally, this type of silos are with large capacity, its concrete base civil works will be manufactured by clients, and we will provide drawings to client for construction. 



-----Hopper Bottom Steel Silo

Generally this type of silo are with small and medium capacity.

Type A: With Steel Structure & Steel Cone (Not more than 1500 tons per unit silo)


Type B: With Concrete Structure & Concrete Cone (≥1500 tons per unit silo)


  • The Discharging System

Discharge with conveyor machine, connected with bagging system, or truck loading system, or other processing line after the silos

  • The Control System

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Our products have passed CE certification, SGS certification and Our company is with ISO9001 certification.


With our professional experienced technical team, we have lots of experience in overseas projects, and earned many certifications and patented design.