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Fertilizer Manufacturing Line With CE SGS Organic Fertilizer Making Machine


Fertilizer produced by the company has the most prominent advantages of high mixed quantity, facilitate formula, and targeted design,and thus it overcomes the shunt phenomenon caused by the mixture in the process during which the materials for specific weight and particles move down in different degrees, and also improves the precision of the ingredients. Moreover, the product structure is simple and easy to operate, easy to repair, reducing the investment in equipment, which saves the human and financial resources and energy consumption.   

This fertilizer production line is designed according to specific requirements of compound fertilizer factories and chemical fertilizer manufacturers. 

Features of the Fertilizer Production Line : 

  1. With a lifting slot feeding materials and a mixer unloading materials, our bulk blending fertilizer machine can make the most use of raw materials. Thus, it reduces both the costs of raw materials and production.

  2. Positive and negative operation is used in the main part of this bulk blending fertilizer equipment.

  3. A special interior screw mechanism and a unique three-dimensional structure are adopted to mix and unload materials. Furthermore, our fertilizer equipment  also has features of low cost, low land occupation, and high output.

Competitive Advantage: 

 Easy Operating , Convenient maintenance, Save Energy, Save cost,stable and Reliable,Long Lifetime, saves human and financial resources and energy consumption.