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FDSP Hopper Buttom Silo System

Hopper bottom steel silo are famous for its automatic discharging process. 

The grain inside silos could unload automatically due to gravity, and very efficient; 1.The steel legs are made of H beam which have good quality and bearing. 

2.2 kinds of angle-45 degree and 60 degree, among which the 60 degree conical-bottom is usually used to store larger pellet and powdered materials of high viscosity. 

3.Hot dip galvanized steel sheets, 275g/m2 coating galvanizing. 

4.Bolt and screw connected, assembly and easy maintenance.

Detail pictures of cement Silo 

silo 细图.jpg


Hopper bottom steel silos are widely used in storing grain(wheat,corn ,barley,rice soybean, sorghum, peanut ...) seeds, flour, feed etc ., which need to be cleaned continually.


Process flow diagram of steel storage silo

  • Raw Material Receiving Section: Feeding by truck discharge, manual dumping, or railway etc.


  • The Cleaning System: drum cleaner machine or vibrating cleaner machine, for removing impurites from the grains, like stone, straw, etc. 

  • The Drying System: decrease the extra moisture of grain.

  • The Storage System (Ventilation System, Level System, Temperature Monitoring System)

----- Flat Bottom Steel Silo

Generally, this type of silos are with large capacity, its concrete base civil works will be manufactured by clients, and we will provide drawings to client for construction. 


-----Hopper Bottom Steel Silo

Generally this type of silo are with small and medium capacity.

Type A: With Steel Structure & Steel Cone (Not more than 1500 tons per unit silo)



Type B: With Concrete Structure & Concrete Cone (≥1500 tons per unit silo)

  • The Discharging System

Discharge with conveyor machine, connected with bagging system, or truck loading system, or other processing line after the silos

  • The Control System