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FDSP Animal Cattle Feed Pellet Production Line

What we can do for you: 

1-5T/H modular type small poultry feed production line 

5-30t/h highly automatic poultry feed production line 


About our cattle feed production line 

  1. Wide applicable scope It can process different materials such as corn, maize, grass, grain, SBM, MBM, alfalfa, molasses, straw, and some other raw materials.

  2. Complete feed pellet process Animal feed pellet production line contains receiving and cleaning, grinding, batching and mixing, pelletizing,cooling,crumbling ,screening and packing pellets parts. Full line contains crusher, mixer, pellet mill, cooler,crumbler,cooler and all bins, screener,packing machine conveyors etc.We will design the full pellet line flow chart according to your raw materials and specific requirement.

  3. Good quality finished feed pellets Stainless steel conditioner extends the conditioning and cooking time. Axial steam spraying port, improving feed cooking efficiency.

  4. High efficient feed machines High precision driving main gear and pinion shaft adopt the carbonizing quenching and hard tooth surface grinding technology, resulting in smooth driving, low noise and long service life.

  5. Customized Capacity: We can customize the different capacities from 1 ton per hour to 50 ton per hour or even more.

  6. Different kinds and size of feed We can customize solution of producing mash feed, pellet feed, crumble feed for you. The size of pellet feed can be 1.5mm to 18mm.

We can offer 

Our company(FDSP) have specialized in feed milling production line for almost twenty years. We can construct 10-120t/h feed production line, such as livestock, poultry, aqua, prawn and premix, at various scales. You can customize what you need and we can supply the professional solution for you.

Turn-key Projects  

Single Machine

·Livestock And Poultry Feed Plant

·Hammer Mill And Pulverizing Machine

·Aqua Feed Plant

·Mixer And Liquid Adding Machine

·Special Aqua Feed Plant

·Pellet Mill

·Shrimp Feed Plant

·Cooler,Crumbling And Screening

·Concentrate Feed Plant


·Premix Feed Plant

·Cleaner,Magnets And Pulse Filter

·Storage Project

·Conveyor And Bucklet Elevator

·Grass Processing Plant

·Electrical Control And Bagging Machine

·Biological Feed Plant

·Spare Parts,Dies,Rollers