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Popular Use Brewing Industry Silo With CE

Basic process overview of brewing industry silo:

Brewing industry is generally divided into the beer industry and the liquor industry; for beer industry, the main process is grain unloading pit ---- elevator ---- silo ---- discharge. The relevant area of the silo have insulation requirements; liquor industry the basic process is mainly grain unloading pit ---- cleaning system --- elevator ---- discharge ---- grinding;



Brewing industry silo selection;

Beer industry is mainly used to store rice and malt; the relevant areas of the silo have insulation requirements, we have the country's first way to change the traditional silo insulation structural instability and functional instability; liquor industry silo selection is more complex, mainly because of the complexity of the diversity of materials caused by the storage of some wheat, barley, rice, sorghum, etc., as well as rice husk and other lightweight storage silos. select 500 to 10,000 tons of steel silo according to the alcohol industry, we have largest single silo capacity of 20,000 tons, to meet the needs of our customers;



● maize storag

● brewing malt storage

● rice storage

● wheat storage

● sorghum storage

● corn storage

● alcohol storae 

Silo Options:

lipp steel silo is the best choice

Parts Silo Sizes


We can also Provide other large sizes according to client ’s requirements

Features of FDSP galvanized silo:

1. High precision: Our grain storage silo has international advanced equipment and technology guarantees.

2. High automation: Our grain storage silo can achieve high automation and mechanisation, high productivity, labor-saving.

3. Wide storage: Our grain storage silo has wide storage. Capacity of single silo up to 15,000 tons,

complete function, meet requirement of various customers.

4. Easy maintenance: Our grain storage silo, the standard, interchangeable and universal galvanized steel plates and accessories are convenient for maintenance, easy upgrading of capacity or silo move.

5. Less investment: 20-30% less costs over steel bar concrete silos, greatly saving investment.

Construction site of storage silo


Our products have passed CE certification, SGS certification and Our company is with ISO9001 certification.

With our professional experienced technical team, we have lots of experience in overseas projects, and earned many certifications and patented design.