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Biomass fuel wood pellet plant for sale

The raw material of biomass fuel wood pellet plant could be: rice husk, sunflower husk, peanut shell and fruit shell; branch, stem,wood chips, wood branches, wood shavings, bark, sawdust, crop stalks and other wood waste.And the diameter range of final product biomass pellet is 6-8 mm.



Wood debarker: Peeling bark of logs

Wood chipper: Chipping the raw materials from big size into wood chips

Wood hammer mill: Crush the raw material chips into powder

Wood dryer: Dry the moisture percentage of the powder material

Wood pellet mill: Making wood material powder into density, smooth wood pellets

Cooler: Cool the finished wood pellets and make them smooth and solid

Package: Weigh and pack the wood pellets automatically

The process of biomass fuel wood pellet plant

process of wood pellet plant

We can customize the complete production solution according to your raw material,moisture,

capacity,actual insite and so on.The high quality and superior service will be assured. 

Introduction of Sawdust Pellet Proudction Line

hammer mill process

pellet mill process


Finished Products:

 wood pellet machine

Following Information Needed for Best Solution Designed by Our Engineer:

  • What capacity would your prefer?

       The Capacity Range of Wood Pellet Machine: 0.8-1T; 1.5-2T; 2-3T; 3-4T.

  • What is your raw material?

       According to different raw material(such as hard wood, soft wood, straw, rice husk, wood waste), capacity is different.

  • What is the specification of the raw materials?  

       Best size for pressing high quality pellets is 3mm-5mm.

  • What is the moisture of the raw materials?

       Better to be 10-15% (If it is large than this, then we will recommend you the Dryer Machine).

  • Final Pellets Size requirment?

       We have Diameter for Pellets:6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm,( Different Diameters for your Different Requirement.)

  • Pellets Length: Adjustable 20-50mm.(Normally our clients ask pellets length of 33mm, between 30-36mm)

Why choose us?

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  • Professional sales and engineers team for your service.

  • High quality as all of the products have approved CE&ISO9001&SGS certifications

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