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Fertilizer Machinery

  • Compound Fertilizer Rotary Drum Granulation

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    Compound Fertilizer Rotary Drum Granulation

    Characteristics of Rotary Drum Granulator 1. Rotary drum granulator is applicable to cold granulating and heat granulating. It is suitable for large-scale production of fertilizers of high, medium and low concentrations. 2. Our rotary drum granulator adopts special rubber plate lining or acid... Read More

  • Fertilizer Pellets Counter Flow Cooler

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    Fertilizer Pellets Counter Flow Cooler

    This machine is designed to cool the fertilizer pellets.It can decrease the temperature of the fertilizer pellets.After the drying process,the temperature of the fertilizer pellet is too high and easy caking,so we need use cooler to reduce the temperature,such this the fertilizer pellet is easy... Read More

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