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Fermentation Turners

  • Self-propelled Turner

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    Self-propelled Turner

    Why we need compost turner? Traditional fermentation method is to make manure naturally stacked and ret, which has some disadvantages of environmental pollution, long time consumed and more contaminating microorganism, however, the scientific method is that we make full use of the compost turner... Read More

  • Groove Type Turner

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    Groove Type Turner

    Groove turner is one of the preferred organic waste fermentation equipment which is applied in aerobic fermentation of composting process. It adopts unique plate tooth structure and inclined chain plate for deep turns mow with functions of sufficient oxygen supply, deep and thorough turning, and... Read More

  • Drum Type Turner

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    Drum Type Turner

    Fermentation tank width ranges from 6m to 12m, and the length can be designed according to the processing requirement. The maximum capacity of one tank with length of 100ms can reach 2600 cubic. If full loaded at once operation, it takes about 5 to 6 hours to stir all the materials. The... Read More

  • Screw Type Turner

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    Screw Type Turner

    Screw type turner is the mainstream equipment used in the production of organic fertilizers and bio-feed fermentation which is applicable to the fermentation of all organic materials. It uses ground trough fermentation structure that can be designed in the form of multi-slot with one machine,... Read More

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