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Electric Control Equipment

  • Cable Tray

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    Cable Tray

    Mesh cable tray We have Germany-type mesh cable tray, French-type mesh cable tray, and basket-type mesh cable tray. Also, we can customize different kinds of mesh cable tray, ladder cable tray and cable way cable tray depend on customers’ request. The open structure of mesh cable tray enables... Read More

  • Inductive Level Indicator

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    Inductive Level Indicator

    Inductive level indicator is an intelligent sensing device to detect the level condition, which consists of level sensing probes and intelligent controller. The intelligent controller display and control the output by the level condition perceived by the probe. Working principle: The probe... Read More

  • Damped Revolving Type Level Indicator

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    Damped Revolving Type Level Indicator

    Plugging turn type level indicator (impeding level indicator) is widely applied to modern industry and storage, aiming at monitoring and controlling powder and pellet materials in the container. Compared with outdated products, this level indicator has advanced technology, reasonable... Read More

  • Pulse Filter Controller

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    Pulse Filter Controller

    Brief introduction: Pulse-jet dust collector is electronically conducted by bag pulse filter. Integrated circuit is applied, which is novel design, stable working, and reliable. For PLUS series pulse filter, the cycle and width of pulse can be adjusted. Pulse can drive magnetic valve directly... Read More

  • Intelligent Full Automation Control System For Pellet Mill

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    Intelligent Full Automation Control System For Pellet Mill

    According to operating condition of pellet mill, feeding quantity of fully automatic pellet mill and steam quantity added to conditioner, this controlling system ensures pellet mill work at best condition all the time. Working efficiency, output will be greatly improved, while power consumption... Read More

  • Full Automatic Liquid Adding System

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    Full Automatic Liquid Adding System

    Fully automatic weighing type liquid adding system generally works with batching system. Brief introduction 1.Liquid scale is individually controlled by touch screen. Original batching computer must offer starting or adding signals or directly control. 2.The controlling system can be installed... Read More

  • Automation Loading Controller For Hammer Mill

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    Automation Loading Controller For Hammer Mill

    Advanced fuzzy control technology is applied to auto load control of grinder. Microcomputer collect and analysis signal during control process, while automatic control frequency converter outputs, so that feeding quantity can be automatically controlled. A full closed-loop control can control... Read More

  • Batching Control System

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    Batching Control System

    This controlling system is powerful, easy operating and accurate. Standard joint and modular construction can easily enhance system, add functions, and expand business. Features: Auto or manual batching control of solid materials. Liquid scale control and liquid adding control. Flow gauge... Read More

  • Full Automation Micro Dosing Scale

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    Full Automation Micro Dosing Scale

    Full automatic microelement batching scale is a kind of high tech intelligent electrical equipment which was designed for industrial micro material batching system. For powder, pellets, chunks, and bulk materials in various industry environments, it can do the following works automatically and... Read More

  • High & Low Voltage Control Panel

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    High & Low Voltage Control Panel

    Service condition: 1.Ambient temperature: +40°c - -5 °c . 2 Altitude: ≤2000m 3. Atmopheric condition: clear air. The ralative humidity is no more than 50% at the highest temperature 40 °c while higher humidity is permitted at lower temperature, such as 90% at +20 °c. Condensation maybe occure... Read More

  • Full Automatic Control

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    Full Automatic Control

    Full automatic control Read More

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