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Drying Equipment

  • Vibrating Fluid-bed Drier

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    Vibrating Fluid-bed Drier

    Brief introduction: Vibrating fluid-bed drier can dry, cool and moisture add powder and pellets for chemical engineering, light industry, medicine, food, plastic, grain oil, slag, salt manufacturing, and sugar industries etc. Working Principles: Exciting force from vibrating motor results in... Read More

  • Horizontal Circulation Dryer

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    Horizontal Circulation Dryer

    Horizontal circulation dryer main characteristics: Heat retension chamber and hot air recycling is applied to horizontal circulation dryer, which saves energy and reduces cost. The contact area in inner chamber with materials is made of stainless steel so as to ensure the product quality.... Read More

  • Mesh Belt Dryer

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    Mesh Belt Dryer

    Brief introduction: Steel mesh dryer is applied as transport tape, which best suits regular or irregular materials (like coal, ore forming block, food and vegetables etc.). The mesh belt dryer can be used with other devices or alone. The device is widely used for metallurgy, building, ceramics,... Read More

  • Dryer With Two Rollers

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    Dryer With Two Rollers

    Rollers dryer is a direct rotating dryer consisted of inner roller, outer roller, carrier roller, supporting device with belt, gearing, material and air entering and discharging sealing device etc. Two rollers dryer w orking principles: Dryer with two rollers is mainly to dry pellets of certain... Read More

  • Dryer With Three Rollers

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    Dryer With Three Rollers

    Characteristics of dryer with three rollers: The dryer consists of three rollers, inner roller, middle roller and outer roller. Each roller has a stock guide of special shape. Under the rotating force from rollers and suction force from hot wind, materials flow along stock guide into rollers and... Read More

  • Air-Dryer

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    Brief introduction: Air dryer is a kind of large capacity drying equipment with wink-dry theory. The rapid movement of hot air drives wet materials suspended in hot air, so as to improve drying process and transmitting efficiency. Almost all non-bound water is removed after air dried. No... Read More

  • Continuous Grain Dryer

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    Continuous Grain Dryer

    Continuous grain dryer introduction: Full continuous drying theory is applied for continuous grain dryer. Grains flow into the tower through the feeder on the top of the drying machine , and then flow into grain column slowly by gravity. Grains are dried first by hot-air blower, then cooled by... Read More

  • Sawdust Dryer With Single Cylinder

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    Sawdust Dryer With Single Cylinder

    Sawdust dryer with single cylinder main operating principle Injection pipe and rotation cylinder shall work together when sawdust is in the dryer. The ebullient and fluidized materials fully contact the hot wind and then drying is finished. Pneumatic sawdust drying machine : The wet powder and... Read More

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