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Dryer And Cooler

  • FKLB Swing Cooler

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    FKLB Swing Cooler

    Simple operation swing cooler for fertilizer pellets 1、Take advantage of counter flow cooling principle; cool the high temp and high moisture pellet, avoid the shock cooling when the cold air directly contact with hot material, in this case, it prevent the pellet from cracking on surface.... Read More

  • Drum Cooler

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    Drum Cooler

    Features of fertilizer dryer: 1. Less investment, quick effect, good economic returns 2. Reasonable design, advanced technology, complete sets of equipment process layout is compact. The equipment more energy-efficient 3. Without waste discharge, the operation is reliable and convenient. 4. wide... Read More

  • Air Dryer

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    Air Dryer

    Introduction: LYQH series air dryer is specially designed for organic fertilizer which is heavy in moisture but light in density. It features good fluidity and high drying efficiency. Fertilizer air dryer is a kind of large capacity drying equipment which makes use of instant-dry theory. The... Read More

  • Drum Dryer

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    Drum Dryer

    Description of Fertilizer Dryer: Fertilizer dryer is used in the drying process of fertilizer production, which can be applied to various types of fertilizer production. Fertilizer dryer mainly includes biological fertilizer, chemical fertilizer, organic fertilizer, magnetic fertilizer and many... Read More

  • Fertilizer Pellets Counter Flow Cooler

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    Fertilizer Pellets Counter Flow Cooler

    This machine is designed to cool the fertilizer pellets.It can decrease the temperature of the fertilizer pellets.After the drying process,the temperature of the fertilizer pellet is too high and easy caking,so we need use cooler to reduce the temperature,such this the fertilizer pellet is easy... Read More

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