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  • The automatic control system Control System

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    The automatic control system Control System

    Control System The automatic control system control the start and stop of moto,measure the inlet and outlet grains, automatic temperature control, automatic ventilation control,etc.Read More

  • Level System

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    Level System

    Level System Reliable performance of level system used to testing the silo storage level,alarm control detector will works when the silo is full or empty.Read More

  • Ventilation System

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    Ventilation System

    Ventilation System Silo ventilation system is consisted ofthree parts: air blower , air channel and galvanized air deflector .Two types of air deflector :earth cage type and tablet embedded type can be optional.Air channel can be installed inside or outside.Ventilation system will benefit for...Read More

  • Circulation Fumigation System

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    Circulation Fumigation System

    Silo ancillary system: · Cleaning/dust-collecting/measurement system · Conveying system ·Drying system · Level-indicating system · Thermal monitoring system · Ventilation system · Circulation fumigation system · Control system · Steel structure Circulation Fumigation System Based on the theory...Read More

  • Drying System

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    Drying System

    Drying system FDSP Silo drying system widely used in paddy,corn,rapeseed,soybean,wheat,sorghum,peanuts,betel nuts and other granular grains,precipitation rate of 2-30%,improve the quality of the material after drying. FDSP provides various types of drying equipments, such as process dryers,...Read More

  • Clearance Machine

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    Clearance Machine

    Clearance machine is researched and developed into new type of silo exclusive machine by our company according to domestic and overseas advance technology. This machine is designed rationally , stable operation, screw outlet end fixed to axis of well- structure frame, fixture place adopted...Read More

  • Suction Separator

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    Suction Separator

    Suction Separator TXFY Series suction separator is specialy designed for materials separation,which containing a lot of light impurities . It separates the light and fine impurities from grain effectively without impetus based on the principle of air separation. The capacity range is 50-200t/h....Read More

  • Silde Gate

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    Silde Gate

    Slide Gate (1)Silo slide gate is widely used for industries of grain, feed, flour, oil, chemicals, and metallurgy. (2) Silo slide gate is for control of materials entering in and out. There are there types:cylinder/motor/manual control are adopted to push connection rod to move and easy...Read More

  • Gravity Diverter

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    Gravity Diverter

    Three-Way Valve TBDQ Series three-way valve is widely used for industries of grain,feed,flour,oil,chemicals and metallurgy,etc. It is for control materials in and out.The cylinder and motor types push connection rod to move,manual control is also available. It is easy operation and...Read More

  • Anti-accumulation Machine

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    Anti-accumulation Machine

    Description Four- united screw, discharging outlet fit with parallel united screw which consists of at least double parallel permutation of screw shaft, and screw paddles around shaft, united screw link has driving device. When material outflows from bin, start united screw directly, helix...Read More

  • Sweep Auger

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    Sweep Auger

    Sweeping And Unloading Equipments FDSP can provides a full set of sweeping and unloading solutions for various silo types with different storage materials. Sweeping equipments are available for free flow materials, such as soybean, corn, rapeseed, rice and so on. Unloading equipments are...Read More

  • TQSF Gravity Destoner

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    TQSF Gravity Destoner

    Gravity Destoner TQSF Series gravity destoner is new equipment for food grains(wheat,soybeans,corn ,etc.)grading and stoner.Due to the role of winnowing,which can effectively remove food particles and light impurities(wheat seeds,dust,etc),but also can be used for variety of cereal seed selection.Read More

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