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Feed Cleaning Equipment

  • Tube Magnet

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    Tube Magnet

    TCXT Series Tube Magnet 1.New type magnetic materials is adopted 2.with magnetic intensity ≥3000GS;no need power. 3.Case is made of stainless steel and flexible inspection door. 4.Installation is flexible and convenient and does not occupy floor space.Read More

  • Powder Cleaner

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    Powder Cleaner

    Features: 1. High output; good cleaning effect; low power consumption; 2. Simple installation; convenient repair; Easy replacement of screen drum; 3. Screen with proper holes can be selected according to specialty of materials so as to reach required separating effect; 4. It is mainly used in...Read More

  • Granular Cleaner

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    Granular Cleaner

    Features: 1.It has good cleaning effect and high impurities removing efficiency. The efficiency of removing big impurities is higher than 99%. The big impurities do not contain complete granules or clean materials; 2.Horizontal cantilever screen cylinder is adopted. Screen cylinder is divided...Read More

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